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Video Analytics/Analysis Software

Video Analysis Software

i2V VMS is integrated with comprehensive cluster of advanced Video Analytic Algorithms. These algorithm modules coupled with Incident-Event-Action framework helps in decreasing manual efforts as well as manual monitoring of video surveillance systems.

i2V Video Analytics are developed using machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence in image processing & computer vision technology.

i2V provides different analysis / analytics modules for various sectors. Some of them are:

  • Camera Tampering Detection
  • Advanced Motion Detecion
  • Perimeter Tripwire
  • Abandoned Object Detection
  • Object Removal Detection
  • Zone Intrusion Detection
  • Automatic Video Image Enhancement
  • Boundary Loitering Detection
  • Intelligent People Counting
  • Crowd Counting and Detection
  • Object Classification
  • Attribute Search
  • Vehicle Speed Detection
  • Stopped Vehicle Detection
  • Wrong Way Detection
  • No Helmet Detection
  • Toll Plaza Vehicle Classification
  • ATCC (Automatic Traffic Counting and Classification)

Each of the above i2V Video Analytics / Analysis can run both in manual and auto mode with scheduled presets.

On each Video Analytic Event detection, i2V VMS can send alerts to appropriate security personnel in the form of Sound alarm, Email, SMS, Phone call, Camera output relay Alarm.

Above Video Analytics are equipped with i2V's False Alarm Suppression Technology (FAST) which minimizes false alarms and further strengthens the solution reliability.