Case Studies

Utpal Sanghvi School Mumbai Surveillance

Schools, one of the most important places for a kid to build his/her future. Schools are more vulnerable towards any threat compare to any other places as there are lots of children used to study here. Hence, security of these places is one of the most important priorities, not only for school authority but also for the government as well.

Along with it, we have seen increasing number of child sexual harassment, kidnapping and even rape attempts with students in recent past in schools.

To keep this in Mind, Authorities of Utpal Sanghvi School Mumbai took one step forward and decided to increase the level of student security by installing video surveillance security in complete school. The project was executed in year 2014.

i2V systems, an expert in enterprise project especially in premises security like school, colleges, banks etc was selected to provide technological solution to Utpal Sanghavi school. Together with D-link (Camera provider) and E-data (System Integrator) companies, i2V provided the solution to Utpal Sanghavi school.

i2V CVMS showing camera list and live video from cameras located in class rooms

i2V solution featured with the following:

  • Comprehensive Video Management Systems:

    i2V provided the Comprehensive Video Management Systems to Utpal Sanghavi School. Following were the features of i2V CVMS:

    • The CVMS provided the facility to monitor more than 200 cameras from single control room.
    • i2V provided 15 days recording of video feed in H264 format on SAN.
    • i2V provided the facility of Failover and Redundancy, so incase if the existing systems fails, it is replaced by another one automatically.
    • i2V CVMS provided the facility to check health status of each cameras and their working.
    • i2V CVMS provided the facility of having multiple clients so that more than one user can monitor the cameras.
    • i2V CVMS provided the facility to group the cameras on the basis of location, area or any other basis. This facility helps user to search, view, or monitor particular camera with much efficiency and in less time.
    • i2V CVMS provided the facility of sending alert on detection any breach or misfortunate event. The alert send by i2V VMS can be in form of pop up on screen, SMS, email to authority, sound alarm etc
    • i2V CVMS also provided E-maps which show status of all cameras, devices and alerts. It shows the health of cameras, their Connect or Disconnect Status etc.
    • i2V CVMS provided some video analytics like Advanced motion detection, zone intrusion detection etc to use in particular places at particular time.
  • Video Surveillance on School buses:

    i2V provided facility to school to do monitoring in the school buses, it was possible by using i2V Central monitoring systems and web surveillance facility. The cameras placed inside the buses used to be monitored from the control room located inside the school.

  • Remote Monitoring on Mobile Phones:

    i2V provided access to school authorities to their mobile phones and on internet.

  • Snapshot of an event:

    Whenever there is a breach or event used to happen, the software takes the snapshot of that event and sends it to respected authority through email.

Additional features proposed to the customer:

  • Two way audio communication to make any announcement in the classrooms through camera itself.
  • Transportation related video analytics like Parking, vehicle counting etc.
  • Remote monitoring on mobile phones of parents i2V Systems provided a very good feature to school which proves the credibility of school and its teachers. It was mobile viewing of cameras by parents of the child. i2V provided a mobile app in which parents of a particular student type the IP address of that camera in which their child is studying. With this facility parents of that student can see their child anytime and can analyze the learning and growth of their kid.

Competencies of i2V

  • i2V software can run more number of camera on same hardware configuration hence you can save almost 40% of your hardware cost.
  • i2V software can run with almost all kind of IP camera brand, so if client has cameras of 2-3 brands they can’t use any other camera company software, but can use i2V.
  • A client do not need to buy a separate NVR to run their camera, i2V software can install in any PC and provide its functionality.
  • In NVRs you can use only fixed number of camera and you cannot expand it, if you want to increase the number of cameras you need to buy new NVR. But in i2V, you can anytime increase the number of cameras without changing anything.
  • As i2V is specialist in software making, the quality, stability and performance of software is much better than others.
  • i2V provide analytics which are very accurate and highly efficient.
  • i2V provide one call support services, others can't.