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About Physical Security Information Management

Physical Security Information Management or PSIM is a complete security software through which system Collects and correlates events from existing security devices, centralized the same in one monitor. It provides a unique platform in a form of application which is designed to integrate various security devices and controlling them through installing one comprehensive use interface. It collects the data from the information systems like video, access control, analytic, networks, building systems etc. to resolve the situations.

Physical Security Information Management system or PSIM stands on the major capabilities like collection, analysis, verification, resolution, reporting, audit trail. The product helps to simplify the operator response and ensure execution of corrective procedures. Physical Security Information Management is one of the expensive application which is usually deployed by the biggest or highly invested organizations. This is also fact that it leads to one time Hugh investment and once it is assembled, it leads to cost reductions by lowering the number of gated guards, fewer control rooms, fewer monitors, deploying the information in single centralize information system.

The major industries which are deploying Physical Security Information Management are education, energy, oil & gas, health care, corporate enterprise, homeland defense, industrial & manufacturing, safe cities, travel & transportation, retail, distribution, law enforcement. The idea behind launching this system is to bridge the gap between security and information technology. The main function is physical security information systems protect the people, buildings, confidential database etc.

Physical Security Information Management or PSIM allows open technology which is usable with large of manufacturers. The systems integrated with this security systems comprising intrusion systems, fire alarms, security alarm, access control system, CCTV, GIS mapping system, video wall, video content analysis, power monitoring system, lighting control system, intercom and & IP phone, building management systems etc.

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