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About Incident Management System

No business entity can be fully secured as risk can take place without institution or intention. Even the big business or it companies have to face disaster. They have to make recovery plans to execute the procedure in smooth way. In every big organizations and in It companies, a secure system is designed to assist in the management to solve out the emergency operations.

Incident management system is a part of IT service management system which includes making the process normal after occurring an incident in way that has no negative impact or very little impact on the business or in IT industry. The incident management system ensures that temporarily problems are cleared out, services are still running as usual way while the incident is getting invested. The main motive behind the same is to identify the root problem and to fix the problem while finding prominent action.

An incident is an unusual event which can disrupt the normal working procedure and may reason for interruption or loss. Being a part of problem management, preventive measures are also identified under this system or software.

An effective incident management system requires proper planning related to relevant field or stream like finance, logistic, operations, planing, database etc. the incident may be technically like server problem, hacking, corrupted network etc, or may be natural like natural disasters, civil disturbances, multiple causality incidents, hazardous materials incidents, fires, terrorism etc. there is no limit of incidents which may occur time to time without any prior notifications. One has to be careful or must have measure to tackle with such incident.

Companies usually rely on email, voicemail, database to communicate which can be in troublesome sue to any incident. I2vSYS company builds or design such incident management system or softwares which helps to track the risk and to tackle the problems by identifying roots. Our reliable and technical Incident management system helps the private or public Clint's to speed up their communication, tackles problem management and ensure smooth project management in India.

Why i2V?

As the name suggests i2V is a Indian company believes in providing intelligent (logical and reasonable) and integrated (complete) solution to its clients. Unlike other companies, we not only provide video management system but also the advanced video analytics, which makes it a complete solution.

Over the years, due to high investment in R&D and presence of a robust team, we have developed one of the best video management system and analytics among all the competitors.

Our aim is not make money out of customer or become biggest among all the competitors but we want to make the best security and surveillance system in the world.

We believe in quality work.. We believe in Precision,Performance, Authenticity, Stability and finally, Customer Satisfaction.