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About Command and Control Software System India

I2vsys company specializes in providing Command Control System and Software for unmanned military operations, government, spacecrafts, satellites, civil and intelligence community, commercial sectors. The Command and control software system executes the tacking system, make the process moving and control the appliances.

Command and Control Software System has control over assets while protecting, controlling and monitoring the same. Though the mission of every sector differ one to another so our company need to meet the criteria of every client. The company design specific Command and Control Software System to monitor the activities to provide a huge level of security.

Command and Control Software System integrate the technically built applications and execute the corrective measurements at the time of critical incidents. Our expert engineers and qualified architects have dynamic capabilities in IT, Systems and enterprise engineering, software development, communications and networking, electronics, cognitive science and supportive disciplines. These expertise made us able to provide customized Command and Control Software System to ensure right solution at right time.

Key features: Compatible to government, military, commercial organizations, Flexible solution approach, Dedicated and experienced technical working team Secure platform to deliver effective software system with the latest module.Response operator system from awareness to prompt action.

Control and Command Software System provides the ability to tackle and control the huge problems by taking corrective actions. Being a leading supplier of Command and Control System, i2vsys is contributing hard towards the safety and security of India while making the safe city. The company ensure timely delivery of the software system at cost effective range comprises with the complete security parameters.

Why i2V?

As the name suggests i2V is a Indian company believes in providing intelligent (logical and reasonable) and integrated (complete) solution to its clients. Unlike other companies, we not only provide video management system but also the advanced video analytics, which makes it a complete solution.

Over the years, due to high investment in R&D and presence of a robust team, we have developed one of the best video management system and analytics among all the competitors.

Our aim is not make money out of customer or become biggest among all the competitors but we want to make the best security and surveillance system in the world.

We believe in quality work.. We believe in Precision,Performance, Authenticity, Stability and finally, Customer Satisfaction.