Cloud Video Surveillance

Cloud Video Surveillance

i2V’s cloud system provides its customers the most convenient and easy way to do the security of their premises with IP cameras. Due to internet cloud, there is no need of any machines other than IP cameras to run, view and record the videos.

Now, you do not need NVRs to run your cameras, you do not need any tangible storage device like SAN or NAS. The cloud takes care of all these things. You can view the live view of cameras or any recorded video of past on your PC or mobile from anywhere. The only thing you need to have an internet connection and buy our cloud service.

The solution is very useful especially at civilian premises like Residential, school, buildings, hospital, shops etc.

Below are few advantages of i2V cloud system:

  • With i2V’s cloud system, you can view your premises from any remote location by accessing the IP address of the cameras located at your premises.
  • You can see the live as well as recorded video, through i2V’s cloud system
  • i2V’s cloud system can save the recorded video up to 3 months or longer based on customer requirement.
  • You can view the cameras on any device like PC, laptop, tablet, mobile.
  • You can view cameras on i2V client along with all the popular browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla firefox are best suited to view your cameras on PC, laptop. i2V provide mobile app for Android and ios users.
  • i2V provides enough client connections, so that more than one people can view the cameras at the same time.
  • i2V cloud systems also send alarms, pop ups, SMS, email on any breach or unusual activity happens at the customer premises.
  • i2V video analytics make the process easy to their customers, so that they do not need to keep track on cameras deliberately.
  • i2V cloud provides one touch activation as well as auto-activating video analytics.
  • The video analytics provided by i2V are Intrusion detection, Motion detection, Perimeter violation, Missing object detect, Abandoned object detection.

cloud video surveillance

i2V’s Value added Cloud Video Surveillance Model

i2V’s Cloud Video Surveillance Features

  • Integration with Most IP cameras, encoders or DVRs. i2v is most open software in the world that can integrate maximum camera models and makes.
  • Open Standard Protocols and Video Formats (RTSP, http, html5, H.265, H264, Mpeg4)
  • Web based User Anytime/Anywhere access/ Platform independence
  • Open Mobile based Viewing (Android/iOS). iOS Available by Feb 2015
  • Video Analytics (like Missing object, Abandoned Baggage, Intrusion, Fire, Perimeter Breach) & SMS/Email alerts
  • User &Camera based Authentication/Authorization
  • Performance, Failover, Stability & Scalability in terms of cameras per server (i2v software can save hardware costs by up to 25%).
  • Scalability with respect to number of users & Database Management
  • Edge based Recording and its usage (for few camera models)
  • Video Security Encryption
  • Two-way audio between camera and Web/Mobile (for few camera models)
  • User Friendly Cloud/Web based interface
  • Event Management and broadcasting streaming