Video Surveillance Software System

By | November 16, 2015

We all are aware of importance of the security system which becomes the necessity for everyone in this world. While reading newspapers, watching television or listening to radio, we usually notice too many news, accidents or incidents which occurs in our daily life due to lack of security or due to negligence. As the economy growing, technical changes taking vast place in this earth and this inventive technology has given a lot for our safety and security purposes.  Out of these systems, video surveillance software, video management software, IP cameras, central monitoring system, cloud surveillance, intelligent video analytics, Mobile Surveillance are getting popular. Though the purpose of the mentioned systems are same but different techniques are used in different ways.

The surveillance software or monitoring system comprises unlimited cameras, microphones, motion detection, recording, scheduling, audio, password detection, Mail alerts, and android connection. Whether it is home or office, human or pets, owner or servants, machine or staff, everything require huge protection due to increasing crime or natural risks. Surveillance software is not a miracle to stop the crime or the natural happenings, in fact, it somehow help to reduce the risk. It makes us aware of what is happening when we are our of place or what happened when nobody was there.

We do have thousand of examples to use the surveillance software. If we are operating a work place or factory, it is impossible to keep an eye on every employee working inside the work place so monitoring system connected through IP cameras help to monitor the activities taking place in the office. Like wise, parking place is treated as the place of crime due to expensive car parking. So installing video software systems helps to detect the crime.

If we are  working professional, we have to leave our family members at home. But still we can keep an eye through surveillance software connected through android device. We can monitor our children, parents, pets, servants, etc. one can find live examples at shopping complex, multiplexes,  big bazaars, where maximum numbers of small cameras are installed and connected through huge motions system to reduce the risk of theft. Not only the private place, public and government places are also equipped Witt he video analysis system. Whether it is railway station, metro station, bus stand, airport, taxi stand, IP cameras are connected through Internet or wireless system to have the recording of the each activity. These video system not only captures the videos but they are also able to record the voice. Apart from this, one can also detect the motion, single image can be captured. Huge videos can be divided into small videos to upload on the YouTube as well.

Big factories also equipped with the complete video software system to have the security of machineries installed inside the factories. One machinery can cost of lakhs of rupees so installing cameras helps to track the visitors. With the huge demand, the surveillance software are almost used in every small or large organization. The big truth is that, not only the commercial places, but the residential places are also equipped with the camera system. The time has gone when the systems were used for the rich families or politicians only, not middle class family can also able to have the facility of the tight security system, through multiple surveillance and video management system.  So explore the technical world and find out the best for your protection.

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