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About i2V

i2V stands for Intelligent Integrated Video. i2V is a technology R&D company focusing on design, development and production of Intelligent Surveillance products.

The product offerings include IP Video management software, Intelligent Video Analytics/analysis using image processing, Computer vision, Machine and Deep learning, Automatic Number Plate Detection System, Red Light violation Detection System, Automatic Traffic Counting & Classification (ATCC), Central Monitoring System, Command and Control System, Smart City Dashboard, PSIM (Physical Security Information Management), Incident Management System, Cloud Surveillance and Mobile Surveillance.

Why i2V?

i2V is a Indian company and believes in providing intelligent (logical and reasonable) and integrated (complete) solution to its clients. Unlike other companies, we not only provide video management system but also advanced video analytics and integration with different devices.

Over the years, due to high investment in R&D and presence of a robust team, we have developed one of the best video management system and analytics among all the competitors.

Our aim is not make money out of customer or become biggest among all the competitors but we want to make the best security and surveillance system in the world.

We believe in quality work.. We believe in Precision,Performance, Authenticity, Stability and finally, Customer Satisfaction.